Common Signs of Infidelity

by | Nov 1, 2016 |

Subject is often distracted and daydreaming
Subject is often unavailable at work
Subject attends more work functions alone
Phone calls are not returned in a timely fashion
Subject leaves house or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone
Subject uses computer alone or secretly
Subject asks about your schedule more than usual
Mileage on car is high when only short distance errands are run
Clothes smell of perfume/cologne, massage oil residue, and sex
Clothes contain makeup/lipstick smudges
Subject gets his/her laundry done separately
Credit card bills contain unusual gifts, travel, restaurants, and “unspecified” charges
Gas credit card bills contain uncommon gas station locations

Unexplained payments on bank statements
Subject has more cash on hand without accountability
Cell phone bills contain calls with long duration
Increased cell phone text message usage
Business phone records contain unusual calls
Subject has unexplained receipts or personal effects in wallet
Subject has suspicious voicemail messages
Subject has suspicious phone numbers stored or dialed on their cell phone
Subject has suspicious pager messages
Unknown phone numbers stored in subject’s cell phone memory
Internet browser history either contains unusual sites or is being deleted regularly
Frequent visits to email accounts and uncommon email messages
Subject sleeps on the couch more than usual
Subject showers as soon as they return home
Subject frequently starts arguments